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Your customer is Mobile!

Our APP as a service concept gets your started today.

The stats are clear: You need and APP if your want to reach out to mobile users. 90% of internet use on smartphones goes though APPs. Over 50% of internet use comes from mobile devices compared to PCs. The PC is loosing out, and so is your website. The reason is obvious, APP technology brings you tools to push info to the pocket of your customer.

APPs however tend to be expensive to develop and regular updates are needed, adding further to the cost. We at Appetite4 have developed a platform that can create APPs for specific industries. This eliminates the need to get involved in the technical side of building APPs.

Lots of functions are available out of the box while the look & feel can be adapted to your needs. We have packaged it in a low priced rental model, all costs are included, no budget surprises. Read further what Appetite4 has to offer.

Rent your APP.

We work with your and other industries to build the best and complete APP for your needs.

Appetite4 is now available for Culture Organisations, Arthouses, Cinemas, Musea, Arts Galleries. A special version is even available for City Marketing. Some key advantages:

No developments needed from your side. Enter your content through our web-based backoffice, import it or interface with API.
Our APPs are available for iOS (Apple), Android and Windows Phones. We upgrade our APPs to new versions of those platforms? No need to worry about any technical aspect. This service is included in our offering.
We interface with social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest to name just a few). This allows your customers to assist you in promoting your events.
We can import existing data through XML or on request interface with APIs. So no need to re-enter data from your another CMS, ticketing system or website.
The hosting of all text & image content is included your contract. The video's are hosted by Vimeo for an additional small yearly fee. This optimises speed and reduces costs as hosting video content for a large audience can be expensive.
We have 15 years of experience with ticket sales & payments online, mobile & through physical terminals. Our payment solutions works with a single click! Optimizing conversion rates.
We offer an all-in solution for a small install fee and a monthly rental fee. No upfront investment is required. You can start as soon as in 2-3 weeks. Contact us for details.
You can select the colors, logo, splashscreen design of your APP. This will get your new APP in line with your corporate style guideline.
All of the content of your APP is backed up by our systems. Your content updates are available to your customers right away.
Some of the functions we offer * social media * forward, invite friend to events * performer/events reminders * push message news * live check of event dates with agenda * event, performer detailed info * related events & performers * media (images & video) * single, recurring, periodical event planning * user rating of events & performers * promote events through banners * multi locations * categories & color coding * filter, sort function * mosaic (grid) & list view of events * map & route calculation ...
Optional you can take it a step further: Install beacons in your building to allow your APP to offer audio or visual content to your visitors based on their position in your building. Call us for details.
Our APPs can provide maps or route calculations to help the customer reach you or get additional information around your location (parkings, tourist attractions, ...)
Our APPs are multi language ready. We translate the APP, you insert the content in the languages of your choice.


Innovate with us.

APPs are useful and cool.

Often a website is seen as a cheaper alternative to an APP. Don't get fooled. An APP allows you to promote new last minute events like no other. You push it right to the pocket of your customers. Call us so we can explain you in more detail.


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